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Diamond-like DVD that will last for centuries and is not susceptible to failure

“Never use rewritable discs for long-term storage.”— Library of US Congress Website

“Storage media such as compact discs and DVDs that were thought to last, don’t — they often fail within a few years.” The inventor of the Cranberry DiamonDisc, has eliminated all the failure points in DVD technology. The result is a diamond-like DVD that will last for centuries and is not susceptible to failure.

The Cranberry DiamonDisc has no adhesive layers, dye layer or reflective layer to deteriorate. A high-intensity laser physically etches your information into the diamond-like surface of our synthetic stone disc. No other layer is needed.

The format is the same as any other DVD. We changed only the materials and construction of the physical disc. And the Cranberry DiamonDisc is fully backwards-compatible. This means that it can be read by any DVD player in any computer and is fully platform-independent.

A Cranberry DiamonDisc is transparent. You can see right through it. No need for a reflective layer of silver or gold.

Writing to the Cranberry DVD

Specialized hardware is required to etch the diamond-like surface of a Cranberry DiamonDisc. The cost of this hardware puts it out of the reach of most consumers. So this will be done by the company for you.

The process is simple:

  • Purchase your Cranberry DiamonDisc online.
  • Upload your files through the secure online Cranberry File Uploader or send them to Cranberry by mail.
  • Cranberry etches your files onto the DiamonDisc and mails it to your home or office.

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