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WordPress: Fix – Parameter 1 to fdl_the_content() expected to be a reference – error

Today, i moved my blog to a new server. Everything was set up easily.
But, when i pulled out a blog post, everything was working correctly, except that the blog post content was missing.

I then checked out my php error logs and found this “Parameter 1 to fdl_the_content() expected to be a reference, value given in /var/vhosts/dipinkrishnadotcom/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 170“.

I googled the error and found that it was php version issue.

The error is caused by the plugin “FeedLayout‘. This issue will be solved if you disable this plugin. Maybe “Feed layout” will get an update soon with a fix to this issue.

Anyway, there is a workaround for this,
Edit the file


and change the below line of code (line number 38)

function fdl_the_content(&$content)


function fdl_the_content($content)

Hope it helped! 🙂

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